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Trump, GOP could torpedo DOL rule, Dodd-Frank

Could a President Trump reverse Obama's regulations on 'Day One'?

Trump victory puts DOL fiduciary rule in limbo

NAFA to Appeal DOL Fiduciary Rule Decision


Judge Denies NAFA Request Against DOL Rule (InvestmentNews - Requires Login)


34 FAQs Released By DOL


Advisors Fail to Comprehend Impact of DOL


FAQs Emphasize Dangerous Compensation Practices


What Happens to Incentive Trips?


Fiduciary Rule May Lead to Fewer Annuity Recommendations


What Happens to Incentive Trips Under the DOL?


Retirement Income Planning Needed Now More Than Ever


Plan For A Total IT Overhaul After DOL Rule


Market Synergy Hammers DOL on Public Notice of Rule Changes


Thrivent Financial Files Suit Against DOL Fiduciary Rule


Will DOL Rule Put Some Retirement Plan Advisers Out of Business?


The Compensation Conundrum: Why the DOL Got It Wrong


3 Reasons Why the BIC Exemption is Flawed


War of Words Between DOL and Financial Industry


Selling Annuities is a Whole New Ballgame (InvestmentNews - Requires Login)


Unintended Consequence: Higher Fees for Investors (InvestmentNews - Requires Login)


Another Asteroid Toward the Financial Services Industry?


DOL Rule Will Lead to Simplification of Retirement Products


Judge Could Issue Partial Block of DOL Rule


Financial Institution Focus in Relation to the DOL


Many Advisors Won't Survive the DOL Rule


DOL Fiduciary Rule Could Cause Half of Potential IRA Rollover Assets to Stay Put (InvestmentNews - Requires Login)


Best Interest Contract Exemption and IRA Advisor Compensation: Interesting Angles on the DOL's Fiduciary Rule


Update on First Injunction Hearing


Insurance Insight Group DOL Fiduciary Rule Survey Report

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