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Internet Leads

Everyone is talking about internet leads these days.  But how well do they work?


Most advisors who have tried internet leads based on prospects searching for information on annuities or indexed annuities, have found they are one of several advisors competing for the business.  Typically, the prospect has been searching for information and has already been contacted by other advisors.  It then comes down to "Can you beat this rate?" or "I am just shopping now."


Most successful advisors are not order takers and quickly become discouraged.  They feel this is a major step back in their progression.  Successful advisors uncover problems and needs, then offer solutions.  They don't want to compete on rates, caps or income.

You will not be remembered by the products that you sold, but by the problems that you solved.


A successful internet lead program should be based on solving problems.


Through our exclusive relationship with one of the the industry's leading advisor marketing and branding firms, we offer internet leads based on:

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