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At Liberty Financial Resources, Inc., we offer products from the top insurance carriers in the market.


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Client friendly solutions to help plan for retirement.

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At Liberty Financial Resources we will work with you so you don't have to spend your time researching multiple products, contacting each of the carriers and trying to make sense of the many forms and updates to the financial industry.


We will help you find the best annuity for your client.


Provide us with the information of your next potential client and we will provide the case design you need to help your clients make an educated decision and fully understand what they're purchasing.

Life Insurance


Life insurance is a very important part of the planning process because of it's opportunities in tax-free growth, tax-free income and tax–free death benefit.

Liberty Financial Resources offers a unique retirement planning support system through the Income for Life (IFL) program. It is a total Indexed Universal Life sales solution that will revolutionize the way you sell IUL's and give you an advantage over your competitors.


  • Harness the powers of media to increase your marketing power.

  • Integrate your marketing campaign for optimal IUL sales.

  • Learn how to sell IUL like never before.

  • Unlock doors for you and your clients with the IFL toolkit.

Life Insurance


Stable protection for you and your family.

Long Term Care

Long Term Care &

Asset Based LTC


Ensure that your final years are comfortable with our many long term care (LTC) options and asset based LTC which offers life insurance and annuities with the benefits of LTC.


We offer a balanced package of products backed by innovative strategies that provide advisors with the best solutions for their clients. 

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