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Social Security Internet Leads Program




Internet leads are notorious for being expensive, non-exclusive and an ambiguous source of leads (for example, were they promised a gift, such as a free iPad, for filling out a form?). But who wants shared shady leads?  With our internet leads, each producer is given their own personal landing page, you may view a sample of here


Having your own personal landing page enables you to get your leads in real time, upon the client's request for information. It also allows you to have your own unique URL, so the landing page is yours to give to whomever you wish. Want to give this to prospective clients whom you've been courting or past seminar attendees as a way of getting back in touch with them? Great idea!  

Some quick highlights:

  • Your own personalized landing page

  • All leads generated are exclusive to you

  • Clients watch video, making them better qualified prospects

  • You choose between leads or appointments

  • Detailed guide of every step of the process (from calling, to appointment, to closing)

  • Fact Find for your personal use during appointments 


How does it work?

Simple! You provide your zip code and we search within a 60 mile radius. Anyone in this radius searching on Yahoo, Google or Bing with one of our 1400 (and growing) keywords will potentially see your ad. Once they click on it, they will be forwarded to your landing page, watch the video and if interested, fill out a contact form! 

Bonus: Live call transfers and email intros with your picture and phone number making this a truly automated system!


P.S. Included in this program is a 4 page Step by Step Guide, scripting, coaching and Fact Find to ensure you set up that appointment and close the sale. Watch one of our training videos here

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